Springdale First School, Broadstone, Dorset

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Unique Reference Number (URN): 113702

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Inspection dates 12-13 November 2013 Parent View Ofsted Outstanding 2014
Overall effectiveness Previous inspection: Outstanding
  This inspection: Outstanding
Achievement of pupils   Outstanding
Quality of teaching   Outstanding
Behaviour and safety of pupils   Outstanding
Leadership and management   Outstanding

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Text from a letter from The Governors on Ofsteds latest inspection


Dear Children

Thank you very much for helping us to show our visitors from Ofsted that Springdale really is an outstanding school.  They told us how proud you are of your school and they could see how much you enjoy your learning.

You have outstanding teachers who help you to learn and are pleased to see the progress that you make.

Whenever we are in school we see you working hard, behaving politely and taking care of each other.  Our visitors also saw this as well as the excellent work that you do.  Please keep this up as it is really important in everything you do you your life. 

We are all extremely proud of you all.

With best wishes


The Governors

Springdale First School