Springdale First School, Broadstone, Dorset

Complaints Policy and Procedures


Our aim is to work in conjunction with parents and carers to achieve the best outcomes for the children of our school. We welcome comments and suggestions as the perspective of parents and carers is helpful in ensuring we offer the best provision to children and their families.

Occasionally, there may be a cause for concern and the purpose of this policy is to ensure that all understand the procedure for dealing with such matters so that they can be resolved as speedily as possible.

It is hoped that most problems can be dealt with informally (see section 5 - download 'Complaints Policy and Procedure' below) by discussing the matter with the class teacher or head teacher, agreeing a course of action and holding follow up meetings to ensure that all is well.

If a matter cannot be dealt with in this way a formal approach may be taken (sections 6 and 7 - download 'Complaints Policy and Procedure' below).

Springdale School follows Borough of Poole guidelines for dealing with complaints.