Springdale First School, Broadstone, Dorset

Our Staff

  Headteacher Deputy Headteacher
  Mrs Ruth Leach Mrs Claire Lazarides

 Foundation Stage

Robins Robins
Class Teachers
Teaching Assistants
  Mrs C Blake Mrs S Kimber
  Mrs A Thomas Mr K Wiffen
    Mrs F James
 Wrens Wrens
Class Teacher
Miss L Iles  

 Year One

Kingfishers Kingfishers
Class Teachers
Teaching Assistants
  Mrs G Oftebro Mrs Southern
    Mrs R Smith
Puffins Puffins
Class Teacher
Miss D Budden  

 Year Two

Skylarks Skylarks
Class Teacher
Teaching Assistants
    Mrs D Prince Mrs W Hebditch
    Mrs K Isteed
Goldfinches Goldfinches
Class Teacher
Mrs V McCormack
Miss E Porter  

 Year Three

Lapwings Lapwings
Class Teacher
Teaching Assistants
  Mrs D Haylock Mrs S Parkes
    Mrs E Collins
Avocets Avocets
Class Teacher
Mrs E Ruddock  

 Year Four

Sparrowhawks Sparrowhawks
Class Teacher
Teaching Assistants
   Mrs C Lazarides Mrs J Bridle
    Mrs M Taylor
Kestrel  Kestrels
Class Teacher 
  Mrs S Becher  

 Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Our HLTA's support the learning throughout the school and have other responsibilities to support parents, children and staff.
  Pastoral Support Worker ICT Manager
  Mrs P Martin Mrs W Washbrook

 Teaching Staff

  Teaching Support in Year One  
  Mrs V Johnstone  
  Coaching, mentoring and staff development  
   Mrs A Lawrence  

 SEN Teaching Assistants

Support individual children with a variety of needs  
  Support Staff  
  Mrs D Samways
  Ms L Chapman  
  Mrs R Wait  
 Inclusion Leader  Mrs S Burgess  
 (SEND and Vulnerable Children)    

 School Office Staff

  Bursar Office Manager & Clerk to the Governors
  Mrs B Feltham Mrs M Biwole
      School Administration & Pupil Information Officer
     Mrs N Stafford

 Other Key Staff

  Mr D Gosney  
  Hot School Meals Supervisor  
  Mrs A Fitzgerald  
  Lunchtime Supervisors  
  Mrs M Allen  
  Mrs A Fitzgerald  
  Miss E Hanham  
  Mrs J Hutchings  
  Mrs S Kenway  
  Mrs S Lowans  
  Mrs D Parkin  
   Ms Andrea Perry  
  Miss M Silba  
  Mrs M Threadgold