Springdale First School, Broadstone, Dorset



We have all worked hard on our Golden Rules and all the staff refer frequently to them during the school day.

We emphasise the positive behaviour we want to encourage at Springdale First School and this emphasis on a caring and co-operative ethos means that bullying has no place in our school.

If it should occur, however, we have sanctions to deal with it and follow the Poole Anti-Bullying Guidelines.

It is very important that every child feels responsible for each other and we give frequent opportunities during school time to examine together any difficult experiences and so encourage the children to think of ways by which they can improve any unhappy situations and to develop assertiveness skills.

It is vital that each one of our children has a high level of self-esteem and we have a variety of ways by which we value each child’s contribution to our school family.

We cannot, however, be aware of everything that happens during the school day so we greatly appreciate your support in letting us know early of any difficulties so that we can intervene quickly.

It is common sense not to over-react or fuss but that does not mean we take children’s anxieties lightly. By working together we can effectively resolve any problems.